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Registered member with ASCAP.

During early childhood, words and melodies swirled around in my head.  Performing with instruments did not come as easily, due to my learning style not being in the 'norm', but a persistent and optimistic attitude made all the difference.  I am now a registered ASCAP member (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and recently began learning to play the guitar.

My songs reflect my spirit.  I am a fighter; I have had to be.  Many songs come to me in the form of ballads but I enjoy writing up-tempo music as well.  While studying musical theater in college, my love for music grew.  The laid-back Florida lifestyle where I was born and raised, along with my American/Lebanese heritage on one side of my family and my Southern roots on the other, have had a strong influence on my artistry.  The style of music I write and sing is primarily an eclectic mix of popular, country, and soul music.

Professionally, I have not allowed my learning style to get in the way of pursuing my passion of music and performance.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  My ability to problem solve, see the bigger picture, and acute memorization skills all come from growing up with dyslexia.  I have had private training with various vocal coaches.  In 2009, I had the pleasure of recording one of my favorite original tunes with the talented session players through Kim Copeland Productions in Nashville.  I must admit, being on Music Row was thrilling!  As an NSAI member (Nashville Songwriters Association International), I have attended many seminars and workshops in both Nashville and in Florida.  I am a strong believer in collaboration and teamwork, and I'm fortunate to have co-written music with a number of singers and songwriters.  Performing at social events and local venues continues to bring me much joy and confirmation that I am on the right path.

Watch for new tunes coming soon!

Singing my original No Home Without You ©2009 at Credo Coffee shop in College Park/Florida with Susie Foster Trewick playing guitar.

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