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Sweet and sassy Daisy wants to have a tea party, but her mother has other plans in mind. Mommy wants to be sure Daisy knows the depth of their bond and love.  A tea party turns into a cupcake-making afternoon, and Mommy and Daisy get messy!

My Little Cupcake is written with accessibility in mind and uses multi-sensory learning--auditory, visual, and tactile-- to increase absorption among all readers but specifically for children with dyslexia and other styles of learning. This book fosters a love of reading and introduces children to the concepts of counting, color identification, sorting, and sequencing.

The book was formatted using Dyslexie, a font designed with unique letter forms to improve the reading experience of those with dyslexia. You can read more about the font here.

My Little Cupcake is available in print and ebook format.

Keep up with Daisy on her adventures!

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My Little Cupcake is Daisy doodle wonderful!!!  Kids need early learning skills. As I have put hundreds of my kids I have worked with into the Culinary Arts, this book sings to my heart. Kim isn’t just a teacher. She is the mentor kids need to be wise of heart, brain smart.  I love My Little Cupcake and its ability to lift hearts and create starts.

Dr. Michael Pritchard

Host of PBS series for 30 years, Class Clown/Comedian, Star of the Happy Movie (documentary), Nationally Acclaimed Keynote Speaker and Youth Motivator

I like reading books and snuggling! My favorite part of My Little Cupcake is the song. I like a book with singing in it!


5 Year Old Fan of My Little Cupcake

Every aspect of My Little Cupcake has been completed with such thoughtfulness and care. Kim's dedication to creating a book that represents and offers accessibility to kids with learning differences, all while entertaining, is evident from cover to cover. From the color choices, the dyslexic-friendly font, and the activities at the back of the book that encourage kids to use multiple senses to engage and learn. Not to mention reading about Mommy and Daisy's messy afternoon is just too cute, and something so many moms and daughters can relate to. I'm excited to see what Daisy gets up to next!

Margaret Cogswell

Children's Book Publisher

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